Materials and Coatings.

Processed Materials.

H&R’s high-grade spring steel and materials are obtained from proven and efficient suppliers, putting H&R at the forefront of both quality and lead times.

Our patented drawn spring steel wire ranges from 0.3 – 22mm in diameter. “High-strength” spring wire such as oil-tempered, valve, and inductively-tempered is available in a range from 0.5 – 18mm in diameter.

Other available materials include stainless spring wire from 0.3 – 25mm in diameter, and special alloys like Inconel X 750, Hastelloy, Nimonic 90, and Titanium. We also offer hardenable steel, such as 50CrV4, available from 7 – 50mm in diameter.

Surface Treatment.

H&R builds springs to withstand all types of weathering, and we pride ourselves on the depths we go to achieve such resilience.

We treat springs both internally and externally. Our cutting edge facility allows for the application of zinc phosphate, epoxy, and polyester coatings in all standard RAL colors. Externally, any desired standard surface treatment is possible.