H&R. Leaders in Development.

In the world of industrial springs, H&R stands for excellence, durability, and flexibility.  From the simple spring that allows your ballpoint pen to click, to colossal springs that support heavy machinery, H&R makes the best springs for the equipment you rely on.  Within our elite manufacturing facility, we produce springs with wire diameters ranging from fractions of a millimeter to an incredible 50 millimeters and larger upon request.

H&R works with a variety of materials, such as unalloyed, patent-coated or tempered spring grade steel, oil tempered valve spring steel, and stainless spring steel. We embrace specialized materials like Inconel X750, Nimonic 90, and Hastelloy C4, which can retain heat, remain responsive in cold conditions, and resist corrosion. To withstand the harshest environments, zinc phosphate, epoxy, and polyester coatings can be applied in the most current RAL colors. Due to our industry partnerships, any standard coating is possible.

Our ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management system has led to high customer satisfaction and industry-specific approvals. All products are also available with EN10204 certification.

From dimensioning, to choice of materials, and any technical detail in between, when it comes to your special spring, we are here to help.